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Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

AR Book Level: 5.1
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Hello Readers!

I'm excited to review for you today my favorite book from the summer, The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. I think I loved this book so much because the writing was simple and easy to follow, and yet it pulls you into some more emotional moments that really make the book stick in your mind. 

First off, I love how short the initial chapters were (some chapters were only a page long). Peter Brown breaks apart the book into short sections based on when the moment he is describing has finished, making it easy to pick back up where you left off without feeling lost. Getting into a book can be hard at first, and with such short chapters in the beginning, it made the book feel like it was something I could easily tackle....and I did. I ended up reading this entire book in one day while enjoying the beach. 

Secondly, I love-love-LOVE the illustrations that were scattered throughout the book. Peter Brown's artwork on the cover is what drew me into this book at first, and I was not disappointed, as the illustrations continued throughout the story. The illustrations were an added bonus to an already fun and quirky text. 

The story itself focuses on a Robot named Roz that "survives" a shipwreck and washes up on the shore of a wild island. Built to adapt, Roz grows more and more wild throughout the book, first in her struggle to survive, and later on in her quest to get along with the animals of the island. While her connections to the animals and forest around her grows, the mystery of her past begins to creep back into her world, for better or worse. This book leaves readers in a spot where they want to know more about what happens to Roz, and I personally am hoping that Petter Brown follows up with a sequel. 

To learn more about Peter Brown and the creation of The Wild Robot, you can visit his website below:

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Here you can find links to his other works, free coloring page downloads, and learn about the 8 year process that went into the creation of this wonderfully sweet and simple book. 

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