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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm

AR Level: 4.1
AR Points: 4.0
AR Quiz Number: 168161
Page Count: 195

Every year growing up, my school put on a massive carnival with rides and games...it was like the county fair. One evening on the last day of the carnival, my youngest sister Christina was walking by a ring toss game, when the operator offered her a free goldfish in a bag. With it being the final night of the carnival, perhaps he was just looking to get rid of it and move on. Now, Tina didn't have the best eye sight even then, but she could tell in the dim light that there was definitely more than one little orange goldfish in the plastic water filled bag. Being an animal lover and having recently come into possession of a decent sized fish tank, she gladly accepted the fish and headed home. In the cold light of day, Tina came to the stunning realization that she had brought home over 300 tiny goldfish. Incredible! Sadly, being carnival goldfish, each day she had to scoop a number of them away and hold impromptu funerals. Goldfish don't last very long. We all know this....

In the Fourteenth Goldfish author Jennifer Holms plays on this idea, centering 11 year old Ellie's journey around the search for a scientific fountain of youth with her grandfather in the lead. Her grandfather, who has miraculously turned back his own biological clock to about 12 years old, is out of touch and pushy. The idea of getting to know a relative when they are sudden at your phase of life again is interesting and fun. Together they attempt to break into his lab and retrieve an extremely rare jellyfish that holds the key to eternal youth.

Funny and to the point, The Fourteenth Goldfish is a good intermediate grade read. To me, it felt like it went by quickly and it has left me eager to read Jennifer Holmes' next book, Full of Beans.

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