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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Day I Became a Bird by Ingrid Chabbert and Raul Nieto Guridi

AR Level: Not Yet Available
AR Points: Not Yet Available
AR Quiz Number: Not Yet Available
Page  Number: 40 pages

Occasionally when I feel like treating myself, I'll browse through Amazon and buy a picture book for my personal library that I know nothing about, based solely on the cover art. Feeling bummed out about a recent real-estate deal that fell through (I need to move so bad!), I did some impulse shopping and landed on The Day I Became a Bird. Knowing nothing about this book was part of the excitement and joy of it for me. So let's take a look....

At present there is no AR information for this book, and I am never sure if there will be or not. That being said, I may not buy a copy for my students at my school library. A pitfall of the AR book program is that books without AR information and tests get passed up by our students who all seem hyper focused on meeting their class reading goals in points. As a result, they miss out on sweet, less mainstream picture books like this one.

The Day I Became a Bird is the story of a little boy that falls in love on the first day of school. The little girl he falls for, pays him no attention, but instead is very focused on bird watching. Appreciating her interests, he decides the best course of action is to dress up as a giant bird to get her attention.

I loved the illustrations in this book. While young kids might find the overall color scheme of gray/brown paper and pencil drawings dull, I really appreciated the simplicity of it. My favorite part about how the art was done, is that you never see the little boy's face until the moment at the end that the girl does. He spends the entire book with his face hidden in his bird costume (even when he plays soccer). It gives the book a quirky, sweet and relatable feel that is easy to embrace.

I've had a hard time finding information about the author and illustrator, as most related sites are not in English. Overall, I would say the strength of this book is not so much in the writing or the story in general, but rather in images like the one posted above... a little funny, but feels honest at the same time.

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