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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wally Does Not Want a Haircut by Amanda Driscoll

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Page Count: 32 pages

Have you ever attended a conference and come away so full of great ideas and etc. that it literally takes you months to go back and revisit things? We all work, life happens.... long story short, it was October when I got my hands on this book and I am only just now putting this into writing. Yikes! Shame on me.

Anywho, at said conference I jumped up from a session that was wrapping up and went in search of potato chips and maybe a frappe (as one does). Conference centers are basically giant human size mazes, so I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon a snack bar in the hotel lobby. Feeling kind of chatty, I sat down and started bothering the person to my left, who (wouldn't you know it) turned out to be Amanda Driscoll, the author and illustrator of several of the books I was hoping to get signed for my students. Hurray!

This years Sunshine State Young Reader Jr. list includes Amanda's book Duncan the Story Dragon, which is super and cute and I am thinking about using in a lesson on how to care for our library books. The book that I bought from the conference for my own collection, was Wally Does Not Want a Haircut. I can't say what drew me to this book, but knowing my weakness for all shades of teal, I'm going to guess I was subconsciously pulled to the bold cover.

In Wally Does Not Want a Haircut, we follow a young sheep and his mother as she tries to convince him to get shorn. Wally isn't having it and trouble ensues. This book made me laugh because I was reminded of a friend's young child who put up the biggest fuss over his first haircut (for some reason he thought it was going to hurt). This book served as a fun little reminder to me, that everyone has their own perceptions and fears, and it is important to slow down and explain things to anxious kids... also this is a great book to read to fearful kids to encourage them try new things.
Don't you just love it when illustrators doodle in your books? I do! Thank you Amanda for humoring me and taking the time to sign books for my students and I!

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