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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman with illustrator Zachariah O'Hora

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I don't recall how or when I got a copy of Wolfie the Bunny for our student library, but I am glad that I did. I had been wanting to incorporate some sort of author interaction for my students, but I wasn't sure where to begin. We had written a letter to an author the previous year, and despite the author/illustrator (who will remain unnamed here) assuring us that he would write back, we never received any sort of response. It was a bummer for my students. This time around was totally different thanks to Mrs. Ame Dyckman.

After connecting on Twitter, Ame went above and beyond for my kiddos and I was so grateful. Not only did she respond to their letter with thoughtful and fun answers, she sent Wolfie themed book marks and STICKERS, as well as stickers and bookmarks for her book Horrible Bear.  Enough for my entire elementary school (K-3rd). Thank you thank you thank you! They loved all of it, from the reading of the book to putting our letter together, and especially the response. Now I've got several little authors who have come to me asking me if I will put a copy of their books they are working on in the media center too (which of course I would be delighted to)! Inspiration in action, and I love it.

Wolf the Bunny is the story of a wolf pup who is adopted by a family of rabbits. The parents welcome Wolfie with open paws, but their daughter Dot definitely has her reservations. This is a great  read-aloud, and I had fun giving Dot an exasperated cry when she repeatedly warned that Wolfie was going to eat them all up (spoiler alert...he doesn't). This book has positive family themes, and is a good conversation starter with kids about judging people (or in this case wolves) by their appearance or prior reputation.

For more information about Wolfie the Bunny, or any of Ame's other books, you can check out the web site below: http://www.amedyckman.com
Also, check out this fun read-aloud by the author and illustrator:

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