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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ben's Dream by Chris Van Allsburg

AR Level: 2.4
AR Points: 0.5
AR Quiz Number: 69055
Page Count:32

I can relate to this book... the kid is supposed to be studying and passes out instead, dreaming of the places mentioned on his pages. It feels familiar. This quick read relies mostly on the illustrations and not the text, which is just fine since illustrations are Chris Van Allsburg's strength. Once Ben enters his dreaming state, there is no text and simply an illustrated and watery trip around the world.

Van Allsburg likes to add little twists at the end of his stories to help tie things together, which sometimes works out for him and sometimes it doesn't. This one wasn't one of his stronger attempts. The children simply find out that they saw each other in their dreams. Soooo? Regardless, your kids and students will enjoy the book and it would make a fun brain break from studying or working hard on something.

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